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  Find restaurants and sports bars that support your favorite sports team and join you fans for game time. Throw on your team jersey and cheer for your team with fellow fans and friends in Atlanta's best establishments.   Easily search the areas of the city to find all of your favorite cuisines and restaurants. These include casual, pub and fine dining establishments with daily and weekly specials along with other information attracting you to their location.   Find Atlanta's festivals, music events, holiday parties and special gatherings. Each establishments profile page will detail the upcoming events in addition to all other information specific to to the establishment. will also post events on the Atlanta Events page within fanfinderonline.  


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Atlanta's top Restaurant, Sports Bars, Music and Events finder. We help fans in Atlanta find favorite restaurants, sports fan clubs, music events, festivals and venues. is an Atlanta based, Atlanta specific website providing fans live updates on happenings around the city. If you're a fan of a specific team, you'll find the sports bars and restaurants throughout the city where you can cheer with fellow fans. Love music and events - fanfinderonline will post and update weekly events with location details and incentive specials! Or if you're just looking for a restaurant with a specific cuisine, we can help you find that too!

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